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Amy Currie (@amydcurrie) is the co-founder of HotDish Productions, which specializes in creating culinary and lifestyle videos. After working for years in the world of magazines, she decided to make a career change and dedicated herself to the world of cooking.

She became a full-time video producer at Panna Cooking, a video recipe site and app featuring celebrity chefs cooking step-by-step videos. During her time there, she won a James Beard Award for Best Video Webcast and an IACP Award for Single Food-Focused Video. She has created videos with the who’s who of celebrity chefs.

At HotDish Productions Amy and her partner Joshua Stenseth continue to create culinary videos for elite chefs and home cooks alike. During the pandemic, their “scrappy” team was able to thrive and able to continue making videos in home settings.

She is also producing a podcast with chef Aarón Sánchez called Cooking in Mexican from A to Z, which takes listeners on a culinary tour of Mexicans cuisine.

Amy makes a mean sourdough starter and has been baking bread since before it was cool. Find out more about her on her website!

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