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Andy Valenti - Oh He Dead

Andy Valenti is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter for the band Oh He Dead. In this episode Andy discusses his process for writing music and some of the difficulties that the band faced during the pandemic.

They had planned a big tour this past summer but unfortunately it was cancelled due to covid. Since then they’ve only been able to perform on Zoom, but they’ve taken this time to write a slew of new songs and they even made a pilgrimage down to Nashville to record some new tracks.

Oh He Dead was featured on NPR after their song Lonely Sometimes was a contestant in the Tiny Desk concert series. An article in The Washington Post called Lonely Sometimes “an infectious, groove-based track about yearning for human connection.”

It was so great talking to Andy and hearing the story of the band! Go listen to them on Spotify and follow them on Instagram (@ohhedead).

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