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Din Thomas (@dinthomas) is a UFC legend who has been involved with the sport of MMA since the 90s. He has wins over guys like Jens Pulver, Clay Guida, and Matt Serra. Din was featured on the UFC’s reality show, The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback. And he is the co-host of Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight, along with his old rival Matt Serra and UFC boss Dana White.

After retiring from the sport, he began coaching up and coming fighters. As a coach at American Top Team, he became the cornerman to some of the all-time great MMA fighters. He has cornered the women’s GOAT Amanda Nunes. And former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, who is also one of his best friends. Din really cares about his fighters and it shows in his mentality and personal relationships.

In this episode, we discuss how Din first got involved in MMA at a younger age. He talks about there was almost no one who knew high level techniques, so he used to have to read Black Belt Magazine and send in for technique tapes. And he and a buddy would practice in their backyard. Din was a small guy and he worried about getting bullied, so MMA was his way out. He was cutting hair at one point and would give guys free haircuts to come train with him!

Din Thomas certainly has the gift of gab. And even though Din is now on radio and TV frequently, he was very shy at a young age. And like so many other other people, martial arts gave him the confidence as he was growing up.

We talk about how as a man, you are expected to know how to fight, Even though most people have no clue. And what separates MMA from other sports is that the stakes are higher. Your life is on the line! And many fighters are prepared to die in the cage.

Fighting has brought Din all over the world from Japan to Russia to Hawaii. He even talks about the “original” Fight Island down in Costa Rica.

Din began doing improv shows during a break from fighting. And he got into acting, but has always enjoyed improv and even compares it to an MMA fight. The present moment awareness and being centered play huge into both, he says.

Din has so many more stories too and it was so great to hear him on the show!

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