One of the best jobs I ever had was working for G Adventures, an international tour company with operations in 100 different countries and every single continent. I worked as a tour guide for groups of foreigners on bus tours around the United States. It was a really exciting job that kept me on my toes and never had a dull moment. I might be leading a hike in Arches National Park one week and the next I’d be showing my group down Bourbon Street. I got to hike in Yellowstone, bar hop in Nashville, and sail the San Francisco Bay. What a job!

I made some amazing friends through my time working there. So many of the employees are such interesting people with diverse life experiences. So it’s not surprise that I’ve had a ton of them on the podcast to tell their stories!

Ep. 48 – Haley Tepavac: Working on Cruise Ships

Haley Tepavac worked aboard cruise ships for seven years before working for G Adventures. She used to sell shore excursions to cruise ship passengers and has a really interesting story about her career path.

Ep. 30 – Caitlin Lanigan on Volunteering for the Peace Corps in Botswana

Caitlin Lanigan and I both worked as guides at G Adventures. But Caitlin’s story before G is inspirational. After college she volunteered with the Peace Corps and lived in Botswana for two years!

Ep. 17 – Bruce Poon Tip on Founding G Adventures and the State of the Travel Industry

Bruce Poon Tip is the founder of G Adventures! He is an icon within the company and a leader in the travel industry. He has also written three books and founded the Planeterra Foundation.

Ep. 15 – Shelby Schmitz, Tour Guide, Road Warrior, and Truck Stop Influencer

Shelby Schmitz spend five years as a tour guide and bus driver around the United States. She embodies the tour guide spirit more than almost anyone I know and has a treasure trove of stories to share from her experiences.

Ep. 11 – Bogdana Voicu on the Travel Industry and Romania

Bogdana Voicu was the head of North American Operations at G Adventures when I was working there. She originally hails from Romania and has worked for many years in tourism in the United States.

Ep. 08 – Danielle and Wilson Travel the World as a Couple

Danielle Ebaugh and Wilson Moore are a couple who traveled the world together for seven months. But they met while working as tour guides for G Adventures in the United States.

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