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Mike and Anne Howard (@HoneyTrek) left for their honeymoon in January 2012 and never came home. And most importantly, they share their adventures with the world through their blog, which chronicles their journey across all seven continents. Their story as the World’s Longest Honeymooners has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, from USA Today to Lonely Planet. Together, they’ve written two books. Their first book, Ultimate Journeys for Two is National Geographic’s bestselling couples travel guide to destinations all over the world. And their second book, Comfortably Wild, details their journey to find the best glamping spots in North America. As full-time nomads and travel writers, Mike and Anne are always searching for off the beaten path destinations, uncommon adventures, and the human stories that make each place so special.

Mike and Anne met each other playing volleyball as partners when they were working in New York City. They spent their first Valentines Day together sneaking into Cuba…before it was cool. And their life changed when they learned that they could travel the world for a cheaper all-in cost than their rent in Hoboken. So they quit their jobs and set off on what was supposed to be a 1-year trip around the world. That was 8 years ago. According to them, they haven’t had the key to an apartment or house since December 2011. Wow! What a story they have.

In this episode we discuss so many things and they share their travel philosophy, which revolved around traveling slowly and taking in as much as possible from the local culture. They share tips on making the most from Airbnbs. Why you shouldn’t wait to travel until you’re 65 and retired. And so many more lessons they’ve learned from the road.

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