Episodes About Animals

I’ve always been really drawn to people who work with animals. And I always loved nature and the outdoors. So I’ve interviewed a lot of people who work in the conservation of animals. Hope you find them as interesting as I do. Animals are the coolest!

Ep. 68 – Chris Stefanou: The Long Island Sharkman

Chris Stefanou lisharkman
Photo courtesy of Chis Stefanou.

Chris Stefanou is a fisherman who specializes in catching sharks from the beach in Long Island. He catches massive sharks and works with NOAA to help tag and release them so they can be studied further. He is passionate about their conservation and protection.

Ep. 61 – Alejandra Arias Stella: Llama Pack Project

Alejandra is the co-founder of the Llama Pack Project, an organization that works with llamas in the mountains of Peru. The work with indigenous population and train them to use llamas for tourist treks. They also teach proper llama breeding and care.

Ep. 59 – Chris Gillette: Alligator Wrestling, Conservation, and Surviving an Attack

Gatorboys Chris Gillette
Photo courtesy of Chris Gillette.

Chris Gillette works closely with alligators in Florida. He wrangles problem gators and helps conserve them. He is passionate about protecting and conserving all animals. He gets in the water and swims with his gators like they were puppies too!

Ep. 37 – Paul Rosolie: Anacondas, Amazon Conservation, and Ecotourism

Paul Rosolie
Photo courtesy of Paul Rosolie.

Paul Rosolie spent years doing conservation and research deep in the Peruvian Amazon, which he wrote about in his book Mother of God. Paul writes about wrangling anacondas and caiman and going on insane solo treks.

Ep. 36 – Cristian Vélez on Rescuing Baby Manatees and Saving the Amazon

Baby Manatee
Photo courtesy of Cristian Velez.

Cristian works for the Amazon Rescue Center in Iquitos, Peru, where he helps rescue and rehabilitate baby manatees that have been captured by fisherman for pets. He is passionate about the environmental conservation and the Amazon jungle.

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