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Dan Cleland (@danielcleland) is an entrepreneur, author, and adventurer. the owner of the Soltara Healing Center in Costa Rica. He’s spent eight years working with ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic traditionally used by the Amazonian tribes. His center is featured in a documentary called Reconnect, which was put out by London Real.

For many years, Dan lived in Iquitos, Peru where he ran the Ayahuasca Adventure Center. He talks about the rituals of taking ayahuasca and what it’s like running a tourism based business during the coronavirus crisis, as well as many other stories of being an entrepreneur abroad! Dan worked as a tour guide across Latin America for G Adventures. Dan has lived on three different continents and traveled the world in search of adventure.

Dan is the author of Pulse of the Jungle: Ayahuasca, Adventures, and Social Enterprise in the Amazon.

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