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It’s no secret that I love traveling and learning about different cultures. As a traveler, I have learned so much from tour guides in countries all over the world. And I worked as a tour guide for a company called G Adventures, taking foreigners on bus trips around the United States. I loved working as a guide and meeting so many interesting people. And because of this, many of my podcast guests have been guides. So if you’re curious about getting another perspective on the travel industry from some people on the inside, here are some episodes to check out!

Ep. 47 – Ted Alexander: Founding Sierra Andina Brewery, Mountain Climbing, and Living in Peru

Ted Alexander is the founder of Sierra Andina brewery, which is one of the largest craft beers in Peru. But he got his start as a mountain guide, leading trips through the Andes mountains in Huaraz, Peru. He owns a guiding company called Skyline Adventures.

Ep. 37 – Paul Rosolie: Anacondas, Amazon Conservation, and Ecotourism

Paul Rosolie is the author of two amazing books: Mother of God and The Girl and the Tiger. But he got his start leading expeditions in the Amazon jungle of Peru, and now runs Tamandua Expeditions. His story is so badass and he talks about wrangling anacondas and caiman like he’s describing his breakfast.

Ep. 36 – Cristian Vélez on Rescuing Baby Manatees and Saving the Amazon

Cristian Vélez works at the Amazon Rescue Center in Iquitos, Peru. He is really passionate about rescuing baby manatees from captivity and rehabilitating them. But also about teaching visitors about conservation.

Ep. 30 – Caitlin Lanigan on Volunteering for the Peace Corps in Botswana

Caitlin Lanigan and I worked together at G Adventures as guides. But Caitlin has such a fascinating story. After college she volunteered with the Peace Corps in Botswana! She lived in Botswana for two years and has an incredible story.

Ep. 15 – Shelby Schmitz, Tour Guide, Road Warrior, and Truck Stop Influencer

Shelby Schmitz spend five years as a tour guide and bus driver around the United States. I worked with her at G Adventures and she embodies the tour guide spirit more than almost anyone I know and has a treasure trove of stories to share.

Ep. 13 – Andy Steves, Guidebook Author and Founder of Weekend Student Adventures

Andy Steves is the son of European travel guru Rick Steves. Andy has lead tours for his father’s tour company, and also founded his own tour company, called Weekend Student Adventures. And he wrote a guidebook for young people traveling in Europe.

Ep. 09 – Dan Cleland talks Ayahuasca and Entrepreneurship

Dan Cleland runs the Soltara Healing Center in Costa Rica. He has worked with ayahuasca for years and previously owned an ayahuasca center in the jungle of Peru, an experience he wrote a book about. But he used to guide tours for G Adventures around Latin America as well. He has worked in many aspects of tourism.

Ep. 08 – Danielle and Wilson Travel the World as a Couple

Danielle Ebaugh and Wilson Moore are a couple who traveled the world together for seven months. But they met while working as tour guides for G Adventures in the United States.

Ep. 07 – Brendan and the Molly Malone

Brendan Reid is the owner of The Molly Malone, an Irish pub on the island of Tenerife in Spain. But before he was a barman, he was a tour guide in Norway.

Ep. 05 – Vlogging with Kelly

Kelly Black hosts a YouTube vlog called Go With Kelly. And she worked as a tour guide with OneLife Adventures around Europe.

Ep. 04 – Running Ultramarathons with Mark Larson

Mark Larson is an extreme endurance athlete who has run four different 100-mile races. And he spent one season working as a tour guide for Trek America.

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