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Mark Metry (@markmetry) became an entrepreneur as a teenager and was making six figures. But he suffered from extreme social anxiety and couldn’t even look other people in the eye. So Mark decided to take control of his life. Now he hosts a global top 100 podcast called Humans 2.0 podcast. He wrote a book called Screw Being Shy, which details his struggle with social anxiety and how to overcome it. He was a TEDx keynote speaker. And he is featured on Amazon Prime’s Docuseries The Social Movement. In this episode, we discuss so many things from entrepreneurship to emotional awareness.

For such a young person, Mark has so much self-awareness and empathy. He talks about growing up in rural Massachusetts and being bullied because of his Egyptian roots. Because of the racism he suffered, he was left with feelings of inadequacy which he had to overcome. This had a lasting impact on him and in this episode we talk about how he was able to overcome it and become more comfortable with himself.

Everything Mark does is super impressive. He has been able to launch a successful podcast, write a book, and build a brand. All at such a young age.

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