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Monument Valley
Shelby Schmitz and Rollie Peterkin rockin’ out in Monument Valley.

Shelby Schmitz has worked as a tour guide and bus driver for the past five years. She is from Texas and gives away her roots when she talks about her her family’s cattle herd. After attending college at the University of Boulder in Colorado, she became a kindergarten teacher. But it wasn’t what she was looking for.

Shelby tells about the journey that led her to become a tour guide, first for American Adventures then for G Adventures. Not only was she guiding, but she was driving the bus. Shelby holds a commercial drivers license and has driven back and forth across the United States more times than you can imagine in her five years as a guide. She shares with us her experiences, through the ups and downs of the job.

If you enjoyed this episode, check out the episode I did with Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures. Or with Bogdana Voicu who runs North American operations for G Adventures. Or with Danielle and Wilson who worked at G Adventures and then traveled the world as a couple. Hope you enjoy them!

Here is a photo of Shelby’s family’s potentially prize winning steer that she mentioned in the episode. You’re welcome!

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