Growing up as a wrestler, I knew tons of guys who went into MMA. And eventually, I became a professional fighter myself and wrote a book about my experience. I love talking to fighters about the mental aspects of the fight game and what it’s like to step inside the cage with another human who’s only goal is to hurt you. Fighters are always interesting because no normal sane person would ever choose MMA as a career. Talk about a Divergent Path!

Ep. 46 – Sam Sheridan: On Fear, Writing, and the End of the World

Sam Sheridan is the author of two amazing books about MMA. In The Fighter’s Heart Sam travels the world and trains with experts in different martial arts to prepare him for an MMA bout. In The Fighter’s Mind Sam visits the best athletes and coaches in the world of martial arts and interviews them on the mental side of fighting.

Ep. 38 – Gregor Gillespie (Part 1): Addiction, Wrestling, and MMA
Ep. 39 – Gregor Gillespie (Part 2): Extreme Living, UFC Drama, and Shark Fishing

Gregor “The Gift” Gillespie is a UFC fighter with a professional record of 13-1. In college wrestling, Gregor was a four-time All-American and an NCAA champion.

Ep. 32 – Katlyn “Blondefighter” Chookagian, UFC Fighter and Title Contender

Katlyn “Blondefighter” Chookagian is a UFC fighter and former title challenger with a professional MMA record of 14-3.

Ep. 29 – Din Thomas, UFC Legend and Coach

Din Thomas is a UFC legend with a professional record of 26-9. He has wins over guys like Jens Pulver, Clay Guida, and Matt Serra.

Ep. 22 – McDojoLife Rob on Exposing Fake Martial Arts

McDojoLife is a social media presence that exposes fake martial artists as well as frauds, pedophiles, and hucksters.

Ep. 20 – Daniele Bolelli on History, Martial Arts, and Podcasting

Daniele Bolelli is a historian, author, podcaster, and martial artist. He has written two books about martial arts: On the Warrior’s Path and Not Afraid.

Ep. 19 – Claudio Puelles, from Peru to the UFC

Claudio Puelles is UFC fighter from Peru with a professional MMA record of 9-2. He was a runner up on The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America.

Ep. 16 – Charlie Brenneman, from High School Spanish Teacher to UFC Fighter

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman is a former collegiate wrestler and a UFC veteran with a professional MMA record of 19-8. Charlie began as a high school Spanish teacher but eventually left that career to pursue his MMA career, an experience he writes about in his book Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage.

Ep. 12 – Wrestling and MMA with Kyle Cerminara

Kyle Cerminara was an All-American wrestler for the University of Buffalo. He pursued a career in MMA but now coaches guys in the sport.

Ep. 03 – Ben Reiter talks MMA, Charity, and Peru

Ben Reiter is a former Bellator fighter with a professional MMA record of 17-3. He moved down to Peru to do charity work and wound up launching his MMA career down there. Ben was a college wrestling teammate of mine.

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