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Mark Larson (@markonfoot86) is a complete maniac! Sometimes I feel accomplished because I’ve run two marathons before, but Mark blows me out of the water. Mark has competed in four different 100+ mile ultramarathon races, often in the mountains. And he’s also done so while traveling the world. He’s lived on four different continents and managed to live and work all over the world. At one point he was even working as a guide for bus tours around the United States with TrekAmerica.

I once walked 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, and again, I am proud of this, but Mark again puts me to shame. He has walked the Camino FOUR TIMES!

Mark has a super interesting story and during the conversation he is talking to us from France where he was living and trying to learn French, but just weeks later, he was back in the USA and he started hiking the Appalachian Trail during the coronavirus crisis. Nothing can stop Mark!

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