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We came into our lives as this beautiful plate, and as we entered into life, it’s like that plate was got dropped and shattered. And fragments are all about and we spend a lot of our lives trying to put those fragments back together in order to be a whole self. And individuation is your very unique path of getting back to that Self.

Steven Kampmann

Steven Kampmann is one of the most interesting people I know. He holds a masters in Psychological Counseling and wrote his thesis about dreams, which has become a lifelong passion of his. He now teaches a course on dreams, where he focuses on the works of people like Carl Jung and Herman Hesse. He also hosts The Dreams Course Podcast with his son Mikey.

Steven has his own personal Divergent Path. He was living in Vermont when one day he and a friend were inspired to drive to Chicago and try out for the legendary Second City Theater. He was accepted and from there he launched his film and TV career as a comedic actor and writer, appearing in Second City in both Chicago and Toronto. He co-starred as Kirk Devane on the successful Newhart show. He has appeared as an actor in eight movies including Club Paradise with Robin Williams, For The Boys with Bette Midler, and Analyze That! with Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal. Along with his close friend Harold Ramis, he co-wrote the hit comedy Back to School starring Rodney Dangerfield. And he co-wrote and co-directed the film Stealing Home starring Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon.

In this episode we talk about the wild turns of his career and his own personal Divergent Path. We talked about what he learned from working with his longtime friend Harold Ramis. And how the teachings of Carl Jung have impacted his life. Steven is someone who keeps his principles close to his heart and leads a very thoughtful life. Hope you enjoy the episode!

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