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Ted Alexander is truly a Renaissance man. He is the founder of Sierra Andina, one of the largest and most popular craft breweries in Peru. He also founded a guiding company called Skyline Adventures, which leads climbing expeditions in the Andes Mountains in Huaraz, Peru. Ted has lived in Peru for 20 years and has lived so many adventures.

More than all of those things, Ted is an extremely thoughtful guy. He is a deep thinker and a compassionate purpose. When he first launched Sierra Andina, he wanted to create a product that Peru could be proud of. He works tirelessly to give back to his local community. He organizes activities in his local community, where he regularly organizes events and even helped found a school.

In this episodes he talks about the challenges of living in Peru and how he learned to shift his mindset and learned to love the little things. He is so insightful and it was an absolute pleasure speaking with him.

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