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Ty Dalitz (@tydalitz) is an Australian who has spent the last six years traveling the world. And he hasn’t taken a single flight. It started off when he sailed to Asia and planned on making it to London by an overland route. But it has morphed into a six year journey filled with some of the most incredible adventures under the sun.

Here are some things Ty had done:

  • Rode a motorbike the length of Vietnam
  • Crashed a wine convention in China by creating fake business cards
  • Caught the Trans-Siberian railway from Mongolia through Russia to Europe
  • Hitch-hiked around Europe
  • Caught a ride on a sailboat across the Atlantic
  • Sailed through the Panama Canal
  • Crossed the Pacific in a sailboat twice
  • Assisted in an attempt to SWIM ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN
  • Rode alongside the swimmer in a dingy
  • Saw sharks in the great blue ocean
  • Visited the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

And that’s just scratching the surface. I could sit and listen to Ty tell stories all day.

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2 Replies to “Ep. 35 – Ty Dalitz: Six Years Traveling the World Without Flying”

  1. Cannot believe the time this guy has spent at sea. And the piles of floating trash, so sad! So glad you guys are getting the word out there on this stuff, will hopefully make people think twice before using that next one use plastic!

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