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Tommaso Ferrari hails from Verona, Italy, the city of Romeo and Juliet fame. Tommaso played guitar in a heavy metal band as a teenager, but soon found that he was paying more attention to the sound equipment and acoustics. He would fiddle with the audio levels obsessively and tried to learn as much as he could. He became so passionate about audio engineering, that he began working in a studio and went to university to pursue a career in the field.

But Tommaso wanted to work on films and TV. So he worked as a driver whenever people from the film industry visited Verona. And one day he was driving to the set of Hollywood movie Letters to Juliet, when they noticed that he was the only person around who spoke English. This led to his breaking into the industry.

Now Tommaso resides in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and works on film and TV sets all around Europe.

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