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Amber Young (@ambertraveling) has lived on four different continents. She grew up in California to a family that loved to travel. And so after finished college at UC Santa Cruz, she decided to move to New Zealand. She spend the year volunteering on farms and hitchhinking around the country. Then she moved to Australia, where she worked for the next year, including a job picking strawberries. After that, she wanted a big change so she moved to Japan to teach English with the JET program. She lived in a small village in Japan for the next two years. And then she lived in Spain for three years teaching English.

She even has a YouTube channel where she creates music to help her students learn. And she writes about her adventures at

In this episode we talk about how to make friends while traveling. Amber has joined ultimate frisbee clubs all over the world. And she has used CouchSurfing a ton. She hitchhiked all around New Zealand. And while this may seem worrisome, Amber explains, “In the eight years I lived abroad I never got robbed. I never had anything bad happen to me.”

She gives so much good advice about traveling the world so I hope everyone enjoys the episode!

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