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Sam Sheridan is one of the most interesting humans alive. He is the author of three books and he has written and produced a series for TNT called I am the Night.

In The Fighters Heart, Sam travels around the world and trains MMA with some legendary coaches to prepare for an MMA fight. He trains in a Muay Thai camp in Thailand and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in Rio de Janeiro.

In The Fighter’s Mind, Same travels around to the greatest coaches and competitors in martial arts and interviews them to learn their secrets on the mental game. They talk about things like toughness, confidence, and peak performance.

The Disaster Diaries must have been the most fun book to write. He traveled the world and met with experts on survival and prepared for the end of the world. He learned things like how to steal a car or start a fire from scratch.

His miniseries, I am the Night, is based on a true story surrounding a family involved in the Black Dahlia murder and it touches on many issues of race in America.

But there is so much more to Sam Sheridan. After graduating from Harvard, Sam sailed around the world for four years. He worked on a research station in Antarctica. He has worked as a firefighter battling forest fires.

In this episode we talk about the role of fear in his life and how that has changed over the years. We talk about what got him into writing and how he feels about the craft. Sam can nonchalantly pull out some insane stories from his experiences around the world.

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