I started wrestling when I was 7 years old and it’s safe to say it was one of the most important moments of my life. It changed me completely and I pursued it for 17 years. I became a two-time national champion in high school and then wrestled Division I for the University of Pennsylvania. The lessons I learned from the sport of wrestling, I carry with me to this day. So I love speaking with other wrestlers on the podcast and hearing their stories. Here are a few of them!

Ep. 69 – Donald McNeil: The Ultimate Comeback Story

Donald McNeil suffered a serious spinal cord injury when he was thrown on his head during a wrestling match. He lost feeling and control of his body. He had to teach himself to walk again, but that didn’t stop him from eventually returning to wrestling and competing at the highest levels.

Ep. 64 – Jason Bryant on Broadcasting, Wrestling, and Journalism

Jason Bryant is a legendary writer and broadcaster in the sport of wrestling who knows everything there is to know about the sport.

Ep. 57 – Matt Valenti: Two-Time NCAA Champion Wrestler

Matt Valenti was a two-time Division I NCAA Champion for the University of Pennsylvania.

Ep. 53 – Geoff Riccio: Video Producer, Photographer, Wrestler

Geoff Riccio is a video producer, photographer, and graphic designer who has made a name for himself producing content in the sport of wrestling. He even works with some top MMA athletes as well.

Ep. 38 – Gregor Gillespie (Part 1): Addiction, Wrestling, and MMA

Gregor Gillespie was a four-time Division I All-American and an NCAA Champion. In this episodes he talks about his struggles with addiction and his subsequent sobriety.

Gregor Gillespie

Ep. 39 – Gregor Gillespie (Part 2): Extreme Living, UFC Drama, and Shark Fishing

In part 2, Gregor Gillespie talks about fighting in the UFC and some of the crazy injuries he’s received. And why he is called “The Best Fisherman in MMA”.

Ep. 34 – Wayne Catan on Hemingway, Wrestling, and Grace Under Pressure

Wayne Catan was a Division I All-American for Syracuse University and then wrestled internationally. Now he is a Hemingway scholar and we talk about how wrestling may have inspired that.

Ep. 26 – Jeff Buxton on Coaching Blair Wrestling and Training During the Coronavirus

Jeff Buxton was the legendary coach of Blair Academy wrestling. He led the team to 30 consecutive Prep National Titles and 10 National Championships.


Ep. 21 – Kendall Cross, Olympic Gold Medalist Wrestler

Kendall Cross was an Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion for Oklahoma State, and Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Kendall Cross

Ep. 16 – Charlie Brenneman, from High School Spanish Teacher to UFC Fighter

Charlie Brenneman was a Division I collegiate wrestler who then turned his sight to MMA. He eventually fought in the UFC. He is the author of the book Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage.

Ep. 14 – Joe Williamson and the Rise of FloWrestling

Joe Williamson was one of the original employees of FloWrestling and helped build the company from the ground up.

Ep. 12 – Wrestling and MMA with Kyle Cerminara

Kyle Cerminara was a Division I All-American for the University of Buffalo and chased an Olympic dream after graduating. After a brief MMA career, he now trains with many top fighters.

Ep. 03 – Ben Reiter talks MMA, Charity, and Peru

Ben Reiter wrestled for the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation he moved to Peru to volunteer and wound up living there for many years and launching his MMA career.

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